Just Incase- Traveling with the bike

Over the last few years I have been traveling for and racing/training. In this time I have forgotten or broken almost everything. As a result my track kit bag is fully stocked for almost any just incase moment. And the packing if my travel bag is now a fine art.

Besides normal cloths and packing, my kit bag includes:

  • 2x club skinsuits
  • 1x black skinsuit
  • 2x helmets
  • 2x shoes

The two club suits include one for racing, and one as a backup if I crash/spill food on it/break the zipper.

i was racing the state champs for cyclocross.  and after completely spitting the dummy when i got my third flat of the day.  i finished in third and grabbed a beer.  while relaxing in the sun, i got called to the podium.  i had to put my skinsuit back on.  and at the very moment my zipper died… i always pack a spare suit or podium jersey…

The black/neutral spare is for if I need to race with a composite team or if 1 and 2 fail. Not likely
scenarios, but it has happened.
The two helmets are a kask bambino that I do all my racing in, and a giro atmos that I train in. Both
helmets can be used for racing. The two are needed just incase one breaks. Same idea for the two shoes. I have my racing ones and spares. Just incase I break a buckle, cleat, lace before the race, I have a
second pair I can grab
The next area of spares I bring are wheels. I bring training wheels and race wheels. Then as an added
precaution when I go to big races (and I can pack 2 bags) I carry race wheels, a disk and 5 spoke, secondary race wheels, a disk and a 3 spoke, then training wheels. I’m sure the easy thing would be to bring spare tyres to glue, but I’m lazy, and spare wheels are easier than gluing tubs at an event.

Finally, my kit bag! This bad boy has everything! It had the obvious stuff; chainrings 47-56 and cogs 12-18.
photo 4
The tools.

  • 15mm spanner
  • Lock ring tool
  • Chan whip
  • Allen keys
  • Big allen key for pedals (I don’t have a pedal spanner because my pedals don’t use one)
  • Multi tool
  • hipster tool (bottle opener spare 15mm)
  • Small shifter- hack tool, but someone always had a random imperial nut somewhere. I use mine for the back bolt on my chain.
  • Crack pipe
  • chainring bolt lock tool
  • Valve core and valve extender tool
  • Puncture repair kit

photo 3

Other bits

  • Soy sauce fish with chain lube
  • Super glue
  • Spare bolt for disk wheel
  • Spare bolt for chain tensioner
  • Spare nuts front and rear wheel
  • Spare chain (extra links for big gears)
  • spare safety skewer (bunch of my wheels use them)
  • Half link two types one for a keirin chain the other for a regular single speed chain
  • Spare chain pin and back plate
  • C02 adapter
  • Spare O ring for crack pipe and CO2
  • Lock ring
  • Valve core
  • Chain ring bolts
  • Rare earth magnet

photo 5

I also carry spare gear charts and a copy of the big gear chart of big gears. For something more sentimental, a medal from nationals to remind me of my goals along with a few photos taken by Josh (Riding Focus) from RAW to remind me this is fun.

Oh a spoon! You might laugh, but think of all the times in your life when a spoon would be the best.

true story.  I was at training a few weeks ago and a this dude and chick rucked up with cases of chobani yogurt for us to have/sample.  i had a spoon, i was a sprinter, my last set was done.  i was so happy!

photo 1

The two thins I am regularly missing is a pump and tape.  My excuse for the pump is I assume I can borrow one wherever I’m at and so far I haven’t been let down. For the tape, well I donno.  I keep forgetting to pack it. and same as the pump.  someone usually has a roll.  I have some pink stuff this trip, but I’ll see if I can locate some black stuff before racing.

I’m sure I’m missing something (I always do) and this list is a forever evolving thing.  I hope this has given you some ideas on what to carry.  And if you can think of anything i’m missing could you pleas pack it in your bag because i might need to borrow it off of you in the future


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