The comeback part 1- Race Reports

Week 16 was going to be my scan.  Week 17 was going to be team states.  Week 18 is going to be my comeback!

I had my surgery, I followed instructions, I’ve been feeling great, and my only setback has been getting cleared to get back into things.  Last week after another re-schedule of my scan, I said f-it, I’m racing.  I’ve been way to patient to have something as small as a specialist who can’t keep an appointment when booked 2 months in advance, keep me from racing.  I understand things change, but 3 re-schedules. Naw, I’m good listening to my body.  I’m good; I just wanted that extra tick.

lizanne trainer.jpg

What I’ve been doing.  I’ve been sitting on the stationary trainer doing 80% training.  I was told no VO2 work, no threshold work, just turning the legs over and keeping it easy.  This meant I got my VO2 and hit 80% on all workouts… I may have gone hard, but mostly I survived.  I also went back to the gym about a month ago.  Body weight.  Lunges, step ups, physio exercises.  Not exactly worth going to a gym for, but I missed everyone, and it was good to add an extra couple days of being social.

Friday January 13-  First session back!  Oh ya! Alright! I went out to Dunc to train with my team.  It. felt. Amazing!  At this point I didn’t care what clearance I had, I needed to ride.  I did an IP warm up to see if I could ride TT bars, then I did 2 flying 100’s.  First one, no data.  Second one 6.4… eesh.  That’s a 12.8s 200, if I’m lucky.  I left that training session feeling deflated, but happy to be back on the bike.

Monday January 16- THE DAY- I saw my surgeon, and was told I was free.  He was happy with my progress, and he didn’t have any worries about the healing.  WIN.  So I went to the track and did some max speed efforts.  53/15 Max 59.1km/h 53/14 max 59.1 km/h 53/12 max 59.1km/h… I was consistent.   I left that training session feeling shitty.  I also had a great pep talk from a friend who’s come back from injury.  He told me that I need to heal, and I can’t expect to be at the level (or better) that I was at pre injury.  I told him I knew that, I understood that, but there was a part of my brain refusing to accept it. bikebox.jpg

Tuesday January 17th– easing back into things-  ya, soooooo, aboot that.  I flew down to Adelaide where it was way too hot, and raced a Brompton Criterium and Port Adelaide CC’s Roller Frenzy!  I had a blast.  Although the competitor in me didn’t let me take it easy, I loved doing the no pressure fun races.  I wish I had photos but I spent the day in a Unicorn skinsuit and tutu.  I won best dress at the Brompton race, and sunk beers at roller frenzy.  Life is so hard sometimes.

Wednesday January 18- back home, at the track, 59.1 f*<k….

Thursday January 19- rest day and build the new track bike day.


Friday January 20-  Super early wake up, go to the physio, get all taped up.  Nap, head to the velodrome, show time!  This is my first ride back, and although I keep telling myself that, I’m still expecting a medal.  I threw on a 94.5.  mostly because I wanted to chuck on a 56 and look silly.  I think I last rode the 500 on a 92, so 94 is fine?…? I donno.  I went below the velodrome, pranced.  Every time I heard the countdown it was 5…4…3… up on 2, back on 1, and GO!  I was set.  The girl infront of me did a 37.0 I can do that.  I get in the start gate, 5…4…3… up on 2, back on 1, and GO, bit early but it’s clean.  I go, first lap 21 (ouch) finish.  Wait was that the finish?  Dammit, wrong line.  No throw.  38.9.  ouch, I haven’t been that slow in years.  The last 100m sucked, I ran out of legs…next riders go.  38.516, 38.514 I’m within a fraction of a second, but just off the podium.  I’m gutted.

At this point I’m contemplating life.  Do I want to retire? Do I really need to be doing this? Is racing masters an option?  I was ready to throw it all away.  I was not happy with that ride at all.

Lizanne Wilmot flying 200.jpg

Saturday January 21- re focus- ok, this is it.  On Friday I was on my way to a 12.8 maybe 13.0 was more likely.  I set the goal.  Anything better than 12.5 and I’ll be happy.  (the irrational part of my brain wanted 11.9)   I got to the track.  Decided I was going to do the sprint rounds (I was only planning on doing the 200, and felt good when I stepped into the velodrome that morning)   put on 102, pranced, and chilled.   At this point Ben showed up.  It was good to have him at the track.  I’m first up.  Ben gives me a good push.  Chill, 3 to go, up the banking, 2 to go, accelerate down the slope, out of the saddle (late turn 4) I get the bell.  I’m seated by the start finish line.  Boom, hit the apex, float, boom hit the other one, BAM, throw for the line.  Oh ya, 12.4, Hell YA, so good.  I actually had a really good cry over that one.  I did it.  I hit my goal.  6 months of being off the bike and out of the gym and I’m only .5 off where I should be.  I gave Ben a hug and had another happy cry.  The rounds, ya, I thought I had more legs than I did.  Got knocked out first round by going too soon.  Then nearly took myself out a few times not able to hold my bars properly.  I’m super undercooked for healing.  Time to take it easy.  Qualified 4th finished 5th


Sunday January 22- Sunday FunDay!  I did the IP! Yep I went out and did 12 laps.  All by myself.  It sucked, it was fun, I’m never doing it again.   I warmed up by doing my sprinters prancercise warm up.  I just added an extra two reps of everything.  That makes it enduro, right?  I get into the start gate, grab my bars.  Ummmm, you need to transition from start to TT position.  Just wing it Lizanne, you’ll be fine.  20sec to go, and Crafty mentions how weird it is for me to be doing a IP, so I sit up, wave to the crowd, and flash a smile.  5…4…3… up on 2, back on 1, and GO.  Yew, here we go.  First lap, too slow, second lap too fast, third lap too fast (FFS!) forth, too fast, the blur that is the next 6 laps, I’m caught, 2 to go, sprint…. Sprint…. Legs! I said SPRINT!  Ok fine.  I’ll keep pace.  4.09.9 ! yew.  So many funs.  And I’m riding for bronze (lol, not a chance)  So I put my sprint bars on and got ready for a kilo.  After the break, I start my warm up.


Under the track.  Breath in , smell the dry wood, breath out, relax, breath in, close your eyes, breath out, there is no pain in a kilo… then all I hear is Crafty talking about how sometime people will go from go and try the catch.  Dammit Crafty, don’t give my plan away.  Scattos on, hidden under a blanket, I’m all set.  I go up, into the gate, here we go.  BOOM one lap, yeah, two laps, yew, three laps, and done! Bit of a blur, then I saw 7 to go,  I can do 7 laps.  Nope, nope, nope, catch is coming, out of the saddle, gotta catch me, ok I’m done.

LOL I never thought I would say this, but the IP was the most fun, actually this weekend was the most fun.  I’ve come off an injury, my first ride back was states, and I basically missed the podium in all the events by fractions of seconds.  I’m happy (even though irrational me isn’t) with the weekend.


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