Anatomy of a bad idea

Over the weekend I popped down to Melbourne to race the Blackburn CC Summer Sprint Series.

First of all, I’m under cooked for racing. After 2 surgeries, I’ve needed to re asses my expectations, and realize i’m doing pretty good all considering.
Second, I haven’t done much sprint specific training. See excuse #1

None of this matters to my race brain. In my head, I’m fine, in peak conditions, and I have zero regard for self preservation. If I cook myself on an effort, future Lizanne needs to deal with the consequences. Current Lizanne is having too much fun.

And now I will present a photo Essay of a bad idea that I impulsively followed through with on a fateful Sunday afternoon in Melbourne.

Thanks to Mark Geary @ogaram for taking some great shots of the racing. Congrats on taking out the points aggregate for the day!

Going into the racing i miss timed my warm up and didn’t end up doing a practice flying entry. I assumed I was a trained professional and knew what I was doing. Bah Bow nope, I completely jumped at the wrong time, and never got up to speed fully. it happens. Luckily everyone was having a slow day and I managed to just slip into A grade!

Between the F200’s and racing there was a bit of a break. I got to sit down and chat with another racer, Fiona. We were laughing at my unfortunate draw, and her advise to me was ‘today is the day you get to try stuff’. I totally agreed and waltzed into my first race with the attitude of, try stuff!

When Mace and I got racing, the pace was fairly good, I was up high. Coming out of turn 2 and heading down hill I was actually going a lot faster than him (textbook The Emily). At that point my brain said ‘GO!’ So i went! It was long, it almost worked, it sucked. Some life decisions are better than others, and this was somewhere near the bottom. Future Lizanne is going to hurt.

Oh well, Good race!

All up, the day was a success; I went fast, didn’t die! Due to the current global situation, it had been a few years since my last Sprint Series race. I am pleased to report, the racing is still solid, and the attitudes are super chilled. A lot of the old regulars are still there, and the day was everything I wanted from a brief pop down to Melbourne. Thanks to the Sprint crew at Blackburn, don’t change a thing!

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