As for the lack of posts.  Life has been crazy.  I went into a Racing bubble at the end of May.  I raced the Melbourne Cup on wheels, i then traveled to Adelaide for the International Track Series.  Came out of that with some UCI points, i was 38 in the world for the sprint and 41 for the keirin.  a lot of great racing.  i finally didn’t feel like a complete gumby.
After that i came back to work and life in Sydney.  Then one Friday morning om my way to work I had a run in with a truck.  He didnt see me in a round about, and i ended up under him, just behind his front wheels.  I’ve been proper shaken up.  I’ve started a few posts but haven’t finished them.  Just being on the bike is hard right now, but it’s getting easier.

I’m back to racing.  Just doing the friday night club stuff.  Totally being blown in the long stuff in Division 2.  But i’m killing it in the sprints.   So much fun.

Should be back to posting.


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