And then i rode a Penny

Last weekend John Kitchen invited Me and the Valley Wheelers (the retro guys I ride with) to the Bathurst Bicentenary.  I rode around on a Penny Farthing, on the busy main roads of Bathurst.  It even made the local news.
This was my third time up on a big wheel, The first two being in races.  So it was nice to just cruse around and enjoy the view.


Squeaky- John Kitchen made Penny Farthing

The Valley Wheelers

Squeaky in the front and then 2 other John Kitchen made Penny Farthings

I’m #3 racing the penny’s on the Tempe Veldrome (yes i did go on the banking)

just pottering around

My first time on a penny.  I learnt on dirt, going down hill (btw, how small are my legs!)


I learnt then raced…



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