Track Cycling Stay-cation!

With my imminent retirement, I’ve decided to branch out and explore new careers within track cycling.  I’ve mastered not mentioning Fixies as an admin in the Track Cycling Marketplace and news facebook page.  Now I’m trying my hand at Travel agent*
*I’m not actually going to do any bookings.  I’m just an ideas person

Here’s the deal

  • 7 different velodromes
  • 8 Carnivals
  • Minimum 32 races!
  • 2 Cities
  • 14 days

Sound too good to be true?  Want in?  Well Christmas has come early, and I can tell you, this track cycling Christmas stay-cation is the place to be.


Starting with the Melbourne Track Carnival


December 19Melbourne Cup On Wheels

December 20?- Coburg! Brunswick! What are you doing Friday night??? Can we make this an 8 velodrome expedition???

December 21Austral Wheelrace

December 22Blackburn Velodrome Summer Track Round 7 + Christmas pudding wheelrace

Fly/drive/hitchhike to Sydney

December 23– DHBC training at Tempe


December 24– Beach!


December 25– Christmas- go to the beach.  Or join the slumber party for Christmas lunch/dinner

December 26– Beach!  Because the Sydney beaches are soooooo much better than the Melbourne ones.  Also this is the best place to chill and watch the Sydney to Hobart Race

Then It’s Show time with the Sydney Christmas Carnivals!


December 27Sydney Christmas carnivals day 1– Dunc Grey Velodrome

December 28Sydney Christmas carnivals day 2– Tempe Velodrome

December29- Sydney Christmas carnivals day 3– Hurstville Velodrome

December 30- Sydney Christmas carnivals day 4– Lidcombe Vodrome

December 31Sydney Christmas carnivals day 5– Back at Dunc Grey Velodrome

ALSO December 31- Christmas carnival NYE pizza party with free malted beverages for the +18’s followed by Sydney’s best harbor fireworks.


Right now I have 5 girls booked in for this 14 day adventure.  3 Americans, 1 Canadian and 1 Aussie.  We’re bringing some top quality banter, solid racing, and adding  to the depth of the womens field.

After a successful Summer Camp USA trip earlier this year.  The girls from the slumber party have extended a warm invite to all the girls we raced in the summer.  I’m so happy to announce 3 of them have taken us up on the offer, and all the plans are in place for them to have aa respite from the american winter and enjoy the shenanigans and speed that is the Australian tack carnival.


But wait! There’s more!

These carnivals are the perfect storm of variety, adventure, and hot racing.  This make it great early season training or the reason you need a second serving of prawns and Christmas pudding.  Somehow CV and CNSW have managed to put some of the most exciting racing on the Australian calendar all into two weeks, and traditionally when people take time off.  So no matter what your original plans were, this staycation is not to be missed (I can’t see this aligning so well again)

If you are lacking some motivation, here is a list of major events you can train for


NSW states 

QLD states 

Vic States


HELP!!! is available.

I know i said i wasn’t going to go full travel agent and look after bookings.  But to sweeten the deal i have some assistance on offer.


For the girls-  There is Flight Assistance available.

The Assistance is open to ALL female racers.  Priority is given to first time racers.
The final question is about results and goals.  I’m not looking for just A grade racers.  I’m looking to help development riders, and ladies that just want to get out and have a crack!

At minimum I’m offering a flight from Melbourne to Sydney, and depending on your home city (and availability of flights)  I can do the return flight too.

To express intrest fill out the Survey

For everyone else- Fill out the survey with your name and e-mail and I’ll do my best to hook you up with host housing in Sydney.

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