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Going fast turning left.

My Name is Lizanne, I am a track Sprinter living in Sydney Australia.  Originally from Brampton, Ontario, Canada, I am loving the beaches, rides, and velodromes in the continuous summer feel down under.  I started track cycling after my speed skating coach told me I needed more race experience.  I switched over to track 3 years ago (wrote this in 2013) after a string of injuries that saw me have an ankle reconstruction, and the ACL in my right knee snapped.  I still love skating, but right now I’m loving the speed on the track.

I have just finished a successfully year with a top 100 UCI ranking in both the Sprint and Keirin, as well as a Bronze in the Sprint at the Canadian Nationals.

2015 is looking to be an even better year.  I’ve already smashed PB’s in the gym, and I’m all set to hit the boards faster than ever.

*update- 2015 ended with a successful season.  Quality racing at the UCI c1 Melbourne cup on wheels and ITS Adelaide series.  I smashed RAW Track, then dominated The Canadian Track Nationals.  Came home and raced every Keirin I could find.  had a good showing at states, made the NSW long squad.  I then had a great showing at the UCI c1 sprints at the AUSTRAL and I just came third in the Sydney Christmas Carnivlas.  2015 was a year of ups and downs, but overall I hit my goals.  bring on 2016!

*Update #2 so ya, one word to describe 2016.  injuries.  I’m normally pretty good at rubber side down, but this year i couldn’t get a break.  I aggravated an old knee injury, gave myself a new one, hit my head a few too many times, then tore a tendon in my shoulder.  I’ve just had that re-attached with surgery.  so 2016 ended back in June.  I’ll be back in 2017 doing timed stuff in January, and racing others in April.  I still have big things planned.  Stay tuned!

*Update #3  2017 I’m back, actually i was back and now i’m taking a break.  After 12 months of strict rehab, recovery, and then training, i need this.  Somehow i managed to pull off a fan-friken-tastic nationals.  First, I made it there (huge win) Second, I PB’s my 200 and got a bronze in the Sprint.  Crashed in the keirin, but you know what, i’m disappointed, but it’s all good.  always next time.  righti-o i’m out camping.  might even do an everest

*update #4 (ish)2017… I pb’d my 200 at QLD states 11.6 after i went camping.  then 12 months later, after a wedding and honeymoon i smashed the sprints at nats with an 11.5 then, just quietly… i won the keirin again (2018)!!!.  i decided to do a victory lap of the world before my retirement in 2019.  i f*<ked that up and signed to a pro team instead. 

*Update #5 My Victory Lap of the World was EPIC! I managed to race on 4 different continents.  It was a pretty good effort and i love every minute of it.  It’s amazing how racing with no pressure brings out your best racing.
But I’m still here, I’m still on the bike, and still racing.  not 100% on 2020, but i’ll work something out.

*Upadte #6 well 2020 sucked.  I dont want to talk about it.  Long story short 2021 I’ve had an ankle reconstruction, I’m going camping, and racing will happen off the track!  Right now I’m recovering and making plans for adventures!

… to be continued…

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