Race Report- Melbourne Cup on Wheels

Ok, It’s Friday, well not really.  It’s Thursday and I’m down in Melbourne tomorrow for Training (Track Torque) and catchin’ up with my Victorian Sprinting Peeps.  Therefore no work tomorrow and today is now Friday <—- you’r welcome!

So instead of editing and making all pretty, here is a ride report directly from my brain in all its scattered supercharged glory!



Arrive in Melbourne, Put bike together, Train.

Tried 56/12 to get max speed at Friday training.  Shit speed… talked to Carl on the way home, and decided to still do the flying 200 on that gear but do a similar w/up to training sessions in Sydney where I got good speed.   (syd routine commute to train station, 2 RAC easy gear, roll entry,  rest,  3xE+50, max speed on second effort.  So I’ll do one E+50 and the second one will be my flying 200)

I like the idea, but still feel shit about my last effort at training

Race day



Put gear on bike 90’- 2xRAC 15, then one rolling entry

Change gear 102’ full gas E+50 12:45 (max speed 53… Garmin not working? Maybe, that number cant be right)

Change gear, go full stupid 56/12.

Sit, chill, Watch the guys


Tie shoes, helmet out of bag, fix hair, helmet on clip onto bike.

Push by Carl,

Red line, blue line, half way up, up the top, tap down the hills, float the apex, seat accel turn 2, fast, out of saddle, bop bop bop bop bop bop (6 hard pedals up the hill, having fun) still out of saddle, power down the hill, waaaaaaaaaa, bam hit the apex, time starts, hold the line,. Hold the line, shit, out of the line, damn back streght feels awesome, boom turn 3, going faster, out of turn 4, still holding, bam! Done, what was my time? 12…. Shit. 063…..gawwwww so close.  I want to cry.

Jump on rollers


Dammit.  Awesome time, but sucks so much.   This is where I was at before my road k’s dammit.


YES! Qualified 7th.  BooYa, I’m in.

Racing Kaarle, alright, gotta jump her.  Wait for a mistake.

No extra w/up.

Race time

Tie shoes, helmet out of bag, fix hair,helmet on, clip onto bike.

Go up, choose position, top, win!

Get to line, hold back, go( go on, let go carl I want to go,go! Ok, going.  Ok, watch, wait for a mistake…

Turn 1, turn 2, go up, hold racing distance, turn 3, got height, did she just look away,  she did, again, omg, she’s off the track, mistake! GO, shit, GO, fine, GO!!!!!!!! This is going to hurt.   Smooth, hard, keep going, why am I on 96…. Spinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.  Bell.  Common, she’s on my wheel, dammit, squares, common legs…. Boom.  Sizzle, gone.  Great race.

Rollerzzzz.  Call Ben, rest.  Eat, 3xeggs 2xpoptarts 1xcoffee

So lonnnng till session 3


Change gear, 102.

Talk about when to w/up for the keirins.

Do an early prance.  Sittin’ Chillin’ What? 5-8… Im in the 5-8, Holly, is the girls 5-8 now? Shit, shoes/ shit? Truc, waaaaaa, helmet, shoes, tie up, throw gear on ground, helmet…. Run, cyclocross jump.  Waaaa

Start line, position 2.

Damn just made it.


Ok, Carl says go to front and control.  I hate the front.  Alright.  I’ll try it.

Big push, waaa.  Ok at the front, at the front, just stay at the front,  still going.  This gear feels good.  At the front, keep tempo, at the front, JUMP, that means go.  Ok, second wheel, hold the wheel, don’t cross bars, elbows out, don’t hit the wheel, don’t cross the bars, watch the wheel, BARS! Wheel.  Outside rider is fading, woot! Two person race, turn 4, off the wheel, go, go, go, throw!

YES! Got 6th, I’m alive, my coffee has me in the chunderzone.

Right, relax, shit you gotta pay attention… that program was useless.  Totally forgot about that race.  So glad I put on the keirin gear.  I would have used 98’ but 102 was awesome.



Watching the girls sprints, thanks Carl, the drills suck sometimes, but so happy I have them.

Right, game time.


Chill, check bike.  Check garmin, still not working…


De is up, I’m next,

Tie shoes, fix hair, helmet on, cyclocross jump onto bike, weeee, so much fun.  Clip onto bike.  Smile, get to start.  Pulled position 1.  Ok, same as the 5-8, worked once… will work again.  Suck wheel, come top 3.

Line up, so nervous.

Bike is coming, now? Now? Go now? Bang, go, shit that’s go.  Phew, got the bike.  Smile, relax, bend the elbows, this is easy, 102 rocks, watch the bike, how many laps? Is this 8 laps or 7? When does the bike peel off? This lap, should I bak off? How many laps? Now? Nope, maybe next lap? Carl is telling me to back off, right, give the bike space, how much space? Too much? Too little? Ummmmmmm, ya, bike is off.  Right.  Oh, people are going, oh, that means go.  Phew, got the wheel.  Hold it, hold it, is every one going around? Am I boxed? Hold the wheel, go around? No.  hold the wheel.   Right this is close, final bend.  Go, keep going, go.  BooYa 3rd got it.  I’m in the final, OMG I’M IN A FINAL.  EEEEEEEEEPPPPPPPPPPPP!

Carl calls me in, tells me something about going when the back goes, so much to think about.  Sit down.  Wait, wish I grabbed my watter bottle.  OMG I’M IN THE FINAL! Chill.

Now what?

Plan? What plan?

Guys, Guys, Girls….

Show time.

My shoes are too tight, helmet on.  Picked position 3

Uuuuummmmm.  I have no ideas.  Freestyle keirin.  Carl says nothing.  Freestyle keirin, go with the gut instincts.

Carl- there are no gumbies in this race.  (but I am the gumby, wait is he telling me I’m not a gumby)

Bang, go, got wheel  3.

Right, 8 laps, bike peel off… ummm.  I should really remember this in a race.

Ok there goes the flier, on the wheel, shit in the wind, oooo boxing Kaarle in,  that’s 3 behind me…ok.

Why is Kaarle yelling at me to stay up, what am I doing wrong, I don’t want to go up.  I like this spot, but we’re team mates, do I want to be her friend… screw her, I like this spot, too late, damn.

… and… there…goes …the… race… I’m done. Gahhhh. Good go.

Welcome to the big leagues.

Lessons learnt.

Stupid ideas aren’t always stupid.

Dee is awesome

Carl is right

Know the race schedule.  Maybe print out a copy.

My food was good.

It was a slow day, so don’t beat myself up over my 200 time.  (I’m back to pre road riding speed!)

2.5 laps is a long way.

I need to jump faster when I see moves.

Things that could have gone different.

Flying 200-

Great prep, mimicked training.  Possibly training on the bigger gears I might be faster on the 55 or 54… find the ‘big dog’ sweet spot.   But I do like the feel of the 200’s on the big gear.

Wind up was good but the line needs work.  I was a little sloppy in turn 2 (possibly speed on different wheels)

Match Sprint

Maybe 1.5 laps or even 2 isnt too long.  I saw Kaarle make the same mistake later in the race.  I know go when an opportunity happens, but maybe have a bit more patience and wait another ½ lap to do the jump.  Risky? But so was going from 2.5 out.


Run at the wheel?  Possibly start a pass sooner.  Holly faded in turn 2 so I had 3 and 4 to make a move, and I didn’t realize I could have a crack at winning until turn 4.   Once I defended my position of wheel 2, I should have moved.


If I missed the flyer.  So the flyer went and I was too busy thinking.  I need to think less react more.  If I had missed the move I would have ended up at the back.  And then I would have to make a move.  Doubt o would have been able to ride around the outside of those girls.

Keirin final

More aggression.  I didn’t need to go up when Kaarle said to stay up.  original plan was follow wheel, sit on second persons hip, and wait for the others behind to make a move and follow that.

Oh ya, results and a better write up can be found here
and photos, although the camera somehow missed my bike

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