It’s all about that base

Base training that is. It’s that time of year. Racing is over for a few months, a new calendar is made and goals are assessed.
Right now I’m in a base period. But it’s not the same base I’m used to. Instead of hours on the bike doing countless k’s, I’m sweating it out in a gym lifting things up and putting them down. For me it’s not endurance I lack. I need more strength, more muscle and more weight on my body. I’m just missing those top end wattages.
I started my base weights working off my old 1RM (114kg) and although I had been out of the gym for a month resting, I had really been off the heavy-heavy stuff for 6 months. I hit that first session with so much enthusiasm I had crawl down stairs backwards kind of DOMS for a week. In that time I learnt I can train through the DOMS and have minimal detriment to performance. I also used up my one refusal to train when my coach(s) told me to. They were right, it only hurt, I could still train. I still stand firm, if you can’t walk down stairs how the hell can you squat.
Since that first session I’ve been DOMS free. But the next thing I needed to worry about was fatigue. Due to work, I have to plan my rest and training around when I’m in town or out in the field. After my first phase, I tested my 1RM. 123kg double and a bit body weight. Booya! I was supposed to take a week rest; instead I went straight into the next program. This was due to a planned field trip the week after. I rest when I’m out of town. This meant a 4 week phase instead of my usual 3. It’s surprising what an extra week does to the body.


So this week is my last week of base. I took Easter weekend off because I was feeling really fatigued. (Same as last time, due to the calendar, I’m 4weeks on. So I rested) Today I’m re-testing my 1RM. It’s been almost 2 months since my last test, and I’m hoping to smash double body weight, again. My last test I hit 123kg at 61kg body weight. I need to better that at 126kg (63kg body weight) and I would like to hit 130. It’s a nice round number. Ultimately I’m chasing 2.2x body weight, but that will be for my next strength phase after the major races in May.

In other news, I saw mob of kangaroos on the way to work today. Boing!

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