Meet Cotton Candy

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Cotton Candy is my pub bike/rain bike/beater/ loaner. And although she’s not in the best nic, I love all the quirks that this throw together bike has.

Sydney has been hit with biblical rain in the past few weeks. And true to my motto, riding was an everyday thing. And although a little wet (well maybe a lot wet) I managed to stay safe and warm throughout.  Cotton Candy on the other hand had to be stripped and drained of a substantial amount of Sydney rain.

Back to cotton candy-out of all of my bikes, she has had the most excitement.

Bought off e-bay as a rusty frame for $20, she was instantly chucked into storage for a ‘one day’ project.

Then ‘one day’ I was pulling out my Christmas tree, and slowly realized I had all the spare bits for a new bike.  Due to me not having all the tools, I went over to Peter Bundy’s workshop and got a bottom bracket installed. Took the frame home and an hour later, cotton candy came to life.

Since then she was a loaner to Ash Duban(my American look alike) after she had her roadie stolen. This caused several mix ups with people thinking I was Ash, Ash was me, my bike was stolen, I stole the bike… Good fun.

After that, the pink wheel was removed, a blue one put on, along with drop bars, and a track bike was born.

Then after being a track bike, cotton candy had a brief cyclocross career, which included the addition of brakes(one great, the other one not so)

Quirks on the bike include;

such a good bike, so much attitude, and although the pub bike, i would cry if anything ever happened to her.

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photo 2 (5)

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