***Stop the Press***- Unicorn Skinsuit!

Ok kids

For a short time only (I don’t know how short, my order is already in) This awesomely tacky Unicorn Skinsuit is available!  As everyone knows skinsuits are awesome and make you an instant pro.  It will contain no branding, no advertising.  Just unicorns.
sizing and product info can be found here for chicks  and here for dudes.

The final quote is $280AUD (delivered). I’ll be putting it in tomorrow morning.
i can take $10 off if you pick it up at tempe or dunc.


Sorry, long sleeve only.

Send me a facebook/Instagram/blog message or e-mail me at lizannewilmot at hotmail dot com

3 thoughts on “***Stop the Press***- Unicorn Skinsuit!

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