99 Days, not that I’m counting.

lizanne-wilmot-out-of-surgeryI’m 99 days post surgery.  And for anyone asking, no I’m not better, I’m not racing till April, and ish for being allowed to ride my bike.

It’s hard because I look fine.  My scars are even disappearing.  But internally I have no idea if the magic tendon ferries are busy healing, or if they are still fluttering around la la land.  Although day to day recovery is slow, looking back on the last 99, I’ve realized how much I’ve done and how far along I am.

Lizanne Wilmot Kern Skinsuit.jpg

Here we go

  • I survived the final night of RAW, just 2 days out of the hospital (thanks to my sling buddy James Browne)
  • Completed 2 puzzles
  • Learnt to ask for help
  • Banned Ben from the kitchen after he burnt bacon, then instantly regretted while chopping carrots one handed.
  • Tied my own shoe laces
  • Won the Sydney Goldsprints
  • got Ben in a onesie 
  • Helped out at various track carnivals
  • put together new IKEA furniture
  • Got out of the sling!
  • Helped out at the gong ride
  • Increased my range of motion
  • Completed 9/10 weeks for a stationary trainer program
  • Compiled a list of all the track racing in Sydney
  • Acquired 2 new skinsuits
  • Gained the ability to put my hair up in a pony tail
  • Learnt how to code in GeoCortex at work
  • I can lift my arm above my head
  • I can ride short distances
  • I can go for a swim (well I can bob in the surf)
  • I can drink with my left hand
  • I’m back on Surf Patrols (restricted duties)
  • Helped with the Bondi to Bronte
  • Flew to Melbourne to help with the sprint series
  • The computer bot a ma jig says my virtual wattbombs are up nearly 20% since I jumped on the stationary trainer
  • 6 days of DOMS (from only doing ‘easy’ body weight stuff, the first time I was allowed to gym it up)
  • Painted my nails (and had them look nice for more than one day)
  • Caught up with friends
  • Promoted Track cycling to everyone and anyone who would listen
  • Moved not 1 but 2 25kg weight plated at the gym
  • Upgraded to band work for physio
  • Kept motivated!
    Lizanne Wilmot winning goldsprints.jpg

Wow, this is such a good list to read.   A great reminder of how far I’ve come.   I just got a phone call.  My final scan and hopefully thumbs up to race has been bumped from the 9th to the 16th… it’s only another week.  But I’m absolutely gutted I will be missing States for the team sprint.  I had a moment of, I could just do it.  I was halfway through the logistics when I realized what I could potentially lose if I wasn’t’ ready to get back into things.  Then sadness as I realized what I’ve been working towards has just been taken away.    Followed by determination, thinking of all the other events to come.

99 days, and a roller coaster of life.  I’ve got so far to go, but look how far I’ve come!

2 thoughts on “99 Days, not that I’m counting.

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