Going nowhere fast.

I’ve been banished to the trainer.  My world has ended.

Week 9 of forever!

Being an athlete for most of my life, I’m used to injury cycles.  It happens.  Post injury, it’s all about the management.  And I’ll be the first to admit I’m not the easiest patient.  I see the word no as a challenge.  No, you can’t skate after ankle surgery, no, you can’t do gymnastics, no, you can’t race 100m butterfly?  Watch me, I’ll do it!  And I’ll do it better than before.  It’s not just injury, I take the word no to be a challenge in everything I do.  I’m stubborn and don’t tell me no.

But from time to time, no means no.  Now is one of those times.

So what do you do when you’re an over active high achiever? You push the boundaries!


I was told no riding except the stationary trainer.  I was told to take it “easy”.  I have since found out my definition of easy and my surgeon’s definition of easy are two different things.

Take this for an example

I’m in my sling, I’m on a stationary bike.  I was having fun while drinking beers in a pub. Easy, right?  Well I got a tisk tisk from my surgeon for it.


but i’m having so much fun!

Got it- no more hard trainer sessions.  I have now dialled everything down to 80%.

For those folk following along at home, my current life plan is:

  • Keep the fitness
  • Don’t re-injure the shoulder
  • Pass my clearance ultra sound January 9t
    • If I pass, race states
    • If I race well, start training for Canadian nationals
  • Keep my fitness
  • Race the Red Hook

Currently I’m using the sufferfest app as my motivation.  They have a ‘sprinter’ program that I plan to follow in the weeks before states.  I can’t do weights, but I’ll be back in the gym in a month.  So my ‘gym’ work consists of physio exercises and stretching.


i might be pushing it just a little…

Here is my week

Monday– intervals on the track bike (spinning!)
Tuesday– power on my road bike
Wednesday– Spinnnnnnzzzz at the track
Thursday– Rest
Friday– Physi-yolo
Saturday– power on the roadie
Sunday– Rest/hang with friends (saturday and sunday are interchangeable)

lizanne and maddy.jpg

yeah buddy! havin’ fun hangin’ with mates

I’m doing about 15-30 min a day stretching at home, and I’m doing stuff at work all day.  I think I have 4 more weeks of this, then I’ll be able to ramp it up.

In the meantime here are some turtle videos

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