pikelettePikelet- This is my Track bike.  Bought in late 2013 this bike was my very first carbon bike.  I got it from GoBikes on Alibaba.  When I bought it I was told I could paint it ANY colour, so I chose 806C (hot pink!) I was then asked, are you sure? I said yes.  Then I was asked the whole bike? And I said yes again.  I was on a winner!

chickletchiclet- My Crit-Cross-Crux.  Say that ten times fast.  This was my roadie when my old roadie got stolen.  It is an Alloy Specialized Crux with canti breaks (’cause road disk breaks aren’t UCI legal).  I have it set up as a 10×1 with different wheels and chainrings used depending on what the bike is to be used for.  This is my go to bike, road, cross, crits, touring.  A great all rounder.

jellybeanJellyBean- Giant Bowery Mash Up 2009.  Nothing is stock except the frame.

cottoncandyCotton Candy – My rain/pub bike. I bought a trashed frame off e-bay for $20 and a few hous later, with spare bits and bobs, Cotton Candy was born.

candyappleCandy Apple- another fixie put together on the cheep.  I was given this frame when Sydney frame builder Peter Bundy closed shop.  Took the candy apple red frame home, and a few hours later, spare parts were found and a fixie was made.

daisyDaisy- As in Oopsy-daisy.  I accidentally bought a road bike.  A very nice road bike.  Ridley Helium SL with full Dura Ace 9000.

bubblegumBubblegum- My first roadie.  9speed 1986 Geoff Scott Clamont.

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