My name is Lizanne
I am a sprinter
And I wear long socks.  

Here are my top 10 reasons why!

  1. They Look cool.  All those brands.  Ten Speed Hero, 4Shaw and all the cool hashtags.  #sockdoping #sockgametumblr_nm8wstqc1j1smdzhso1_1280
  2. Keep my ankles warm and cozy on my commute
  3. They match my vintage bicyclevintage
  4. They have maple leafs on themmaple
  5. Because I work out in a crossfit gym
  6. F tradition. Or maybe, let’s all sprint on pennies!
  7. I’m a closet roadie
  8. Camouflage (for when i don’t want to give my sprinters pedigree away in a bunch race)


    bet you cant even see me

  9. Hoy, Sullivan, Dawkins, Morton!
  10. And most of all, I’m a little $h1t and I know it bothers my coach.  socks

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