Ode to the big dog!

Spinning is winning– I donno.  Been there done that, it sucks.

10417735_10152261060947252_1654579754208515295_npain face while doing 10sec no resistance sprints

Earlier, I mentioned Sprinting is a cult.  Within this cult there is a small group of extremists.  When other’s join us, people refer to it is sipping the kool aid.  It’s a small group, a few voices, possibly insane.  But we all have one thing in common- We love the big ring! The big dog, going big, when size matters!

Yolo! (and hit the audio button.  do it!)

Seriously, it is a why not.  I’ve only been in this sprinters game for a few years, and I have no idea what i’m doing.  I hovered around the 12 mid mark for like since forever!  I’m over it, i got the shits, I’m willing to give anything a go.  So one day, I did it.  I chucked on the 56/12 (not even that big)  and did a flying entry.  It wrecked me.  It hurt, my legs were blown, but i hit a PB on max speed outdoors!

There have been great debates on the internet over the use of Big Gears.   Most recently A kiwi Kid, Eddie Dawkins, put on something ridiculous and posted a 9.8.  Or my Mate Nathan who posted a 10.8 as a masters rider on the 60/12.  These guys are not shy when asked how big they ride.  It it works (for them).  And over the years, it seems people are moving away from the more traditional ‘smaller‘ gears.  Even in the last year, I have been hearing murmurs of large gears (110+) being used by more and more riders.  I recon this would have been un-heard on in the 90’s.

so my Rings have been named

  • 56- God
  • 55- Hey Zeus
  • 54- Jr

and then we have Ducky, my 12T cog and Mini my 13.

For actual usage, the 56/12 is a rare occurrence.  Right now I have my long chain on my bike, so all my gears need to be high on the tooth count to fit the chain.  I’m doing lots of low cadence stuff on the 53-56 with the 15 to 13 on the back.  those efforts are usually 1/4 lap with cadence targets of 90RPM or less.

Back in May I competed in the Melbourne Cup on Wheels, I decided to go stupid.  Like fully crazy Canadian.  So I chucked on the 56/12.  And hit a PB, boo ya!  Then when I went to the ITS Adeliade Track Series, I decided to try it again; and Boom another PB (R2 tab on the day1 results sheet).  So the big gears worked.  But as science can tell you correlation and causation don’t always tell the full story.

I’m not 100% on if the God and Ducky are right for each other.  I did try the 56/13 under rather average conditions, without ever doing a 200 on that gear, and still managed a 12.1 with a 5.8 split.  So the big gears show promise, i’m just not sure what big gear is right for me.

But one day- when I grow up- I want to feel strong on a 60/12….

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