Today.  It begins

But first I’m making pumpkin pie.

Right.  Sorry about the silence.  Iv actually written a few posts, but haven’t completed them.

I’m getting back into things.  After the crash just before ITS Melbourne, I went overseas, raced the Red Hook Crit in London, and crashed again.  It hurt.  Enough that I took myself off the bike for a month.

Got back to Sydney, left Sydney to do a field trip at work, moved house.   And had a bunch of scans saw a bunch of doctors, found out I tore my supraspinatis, and was banned from the bike, then booked in for a re-construction.

Totally blows.

I did manage to squeeze in a cheeky ride in Switzerland, a race at Herne Hill, podium at the cyclocross, and race my final keirin as Canadian champion.

The surgery was 2 weeks ago.  Got my stitches out yesterday.

So today, it begins. Life on the stationary trainer.  Don’t know what the next 12 months are going to look like, but I do know I’m going to be on the bike.

Iv got all this time, so should be posting a little more regularly.  In the meantime.

Happy snaps!

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3 thoughts on “Today.  It begins

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